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 The body of the third chapter...

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water grip the fastest cheetah faster than the three.Rip! Rip!His speed, running out of air between the flesh ripping a long waves, the waves surging, crackling, such as the river surging.The fastest horses are not half his fast.Swish! Swish! Swish!In the dark cloth of gold running between middle-aged people, suddenly in front of the river, a burning torch! Shadow flicker! Finally, countless Arbalest torn empty sounds, roaring." American Free!"The middle-aged man with arrows, brow slightly wrinkled, body downward in a V, like a piece of paper like paste on the beach,
Supras TK Society Shoes even once escaped the crossbow fire."Bai Haichan, you can't run. The" nine orifices Saver"," Jiao volt Acheron map" up! Put my fangs, not only death can be. Can also enjoy the riches, honour and splendor. To your physical practice into ten God becomes the realm! My family absolutely from your guest!"The torch lit, hundreds of people is surrounded by the name of Bai Haichan of middle-aged people.One chief negative hands standing between the words, as in the hands of the momentum, arise spontaneously. Wearing fine clothes, two temples grizzled, on the face has a see through the vicissitudes of life, especially the bright eyes, reflected moonlight, such as jewel."Long Yuan Fang, Fang Zeshan!"Bai Haichan stood at the talking chiefs, then surrounded by found surrounded himself with hundreds of people, all power is full, divided into several wave, inner is to take all shining sword samurai, outer with crossbow aimed at warrior, and the outermost layer, is the hand torch, blockade around.Those with free warrior.
adidas water grip on hand crossbow, carved has milky white God Jun crane, crane bolt from mouth. Out of the jet.The crossbow, an extremely wide range, with very strong force, is the province of Long Yuan Fang from eclosion door. The weapons."Yes, I am."Fang Zeshan smiled : "can not think Mr Bai Haichan is able to understand me.""Your brother Fang Zetao is Long Yuan governor, governors, Fang is a great favourite of from by the emperor, I went to the square ground, how not familiar with the characters? But you should know that I have nine orifices saver and Kau volt Acheron map.
jordan discount shoes It is the emergence of door of the news." Although Bai Haichan was surrounded, but did not care, speak with fervour and assurance."I Fang ancestors, but eclosion disciples, this here waiting for Mr. Bai Haichan, it is the emergence of the American book." Fang Zeshan body move, footsteps, joints, trembled, as if playing a Shu Chang music."Are you Bai Haichan, in Spring Hill tomb found Kau volt Acheron map, nine orifices Saver things that others do not know, but the emergence of door is know perfectly well.""The nine orifices Saver, can help people see God through secret of immortality. While the Kau volt Acheron map contains a great treasure secret. You want to engage in illegal activities as, is it?" Bai Haichan sun smile."Shut up! Kau volt Acheron map, I Fang natural is dedicated to the emperor. While the nine orifices Saver, can let me as a magical secret of master achievement, greatly enhanced my family in the imperial court position." Fang Zeshan suddenly shouted," it seems you are not willing to give Bai Haichan the two things.
Supra Skytop Shoes I had to get your body!"Are you sure?Bai Haichan eyes suddenly narrows the eyes, eyelids slit, naked violence! Bang! His body a flush, all clothes whistling concussion, body of a fish, like a dragon, dozens of step distance, even a scramble to direct and brought before Fang Zeshan made his men to even have a chance to react.Cock-a-doodle-doo, cock-a-doodle-dooFang Zeshan felt the air around him was extruded out, appear to form a short time of vacuum, then a giant fist, kept their eyes to expand, to put her head on detonation.A punch of Granville, as it was." In the sky!"
supra skytops An important juncture of life and death, Fang Zeshan finally showed his extraordinary strength, back two large muscle bracing, zap! As the Youth Pre-employment crane, the body becomes light, with the wind and move. She dodged out."Well, Songhe Wanshou boxing. Your practice into the flesh nine psychic realm, but still no match for me! Call your brother Fang Zetao!"Bai Haichan spake, the body does not stay, but into a crowd of people.Bang bang bang bang bang bang!A guard is directly broken head, lying dead on the spot, five guards the temple, was his fingers through bloodshed, followed by ten guards, by his ghostly body hit the spot on the spot to fly, but broken, as if it were Jack carriage, hit in general.
Women supra vaiders The flesh of cultivation to ten deity realm, I cannot be dismembered the strength and vigorous, tough, can carry the world before one, for human weapon.In the twinkling of an eye, hundreds of people surrounded by Bai Haichan moment to break through."Fang Zeshan, how dare you try to stop me, put down your head, later to take your life." Bai Haichan break the siege and march off.The remainder of the guard, in succession" Fei repeater" shoot, but they shot into his body, but the dark clothes of gold, stop, penetrating into.He apparently unique clothes, is a precious clothes, not the sword.A shirt body, the body charged power, world, and who can stop?Take things as they come." Bai Haichan. Why the hurry?" Then, suddenly a cloud of general misty voice, the ring together."Who!"Bai Haichan to stay physically, motionless, such as rocks and grass, spirit condensed into a ball, induction around.Subsequently, in his eyes, a woman in white, skin firming, eyebrow curved moon, Yugubingji, from the moon, slowly along the road.
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The body of the third chapter...
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