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 The second chapter text slave ..

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supra shoes Party a verification slave, do in the cold to do things is the horses for the verification, miss two surrounded a horse horse, "li of snow". The horses is a fortune drudgery, late at night, but also add up forage, especially a horse surrounded, rules more. It is the time when, party a should give cold snow "cook soya-bean milk, eggs and soybeans, and various delicate feed mixing together, give a snow" eat, then pull on a lap around the horse, digest food, wait for after verification of miss two draws nigh.
water grip But because this morning peek away in the "huge spirit, practising kung fu hand" the emergence of all flesh FangTong interpretation, the mystery of its powers, make he forget himself, the most important thing was delayed. Sure enough, when party a walk to the horse, it saw my horse surrounded a snow "is a temperament leng yan and noble women ride.
Supras TK Society Shoes The women's side, and stood the servant girl, and grand guard. And several also on the horse, the young men and women are meek, shown not pretty low to fix for the.
adidas water grip "The cold, you rushed down the enough catastrophe!!!!! Still not quick to kneel down to two, miss QingZui!" See party cold appear, an old man in a hurry to run to come over to the party, cold roar. "Big director, I suffer from diarrhea morning" party cold faltered.
This old man, is the big horse manager for advice. "I don't care what you miss two reasons, the delay of the monstrous things, is to disaster. How do you dad from slave, taught you, don't you know that yet master things better than day?" The old man reprimanded way.
"You keep the snow is a cold? Two young lady that party you used to question!" At this time, the far coming a high brow, conceited girl, see party for a cold, sound, five fingers a, like an eagle rabbit like, direct caught cold shoulder. Party Party immediately feel whole body such as cold bound to be a little girl made up of abruptly. "This recruit, called the crane paw print this servant girl, sand ratio I big power two or three times." jordan discount shoes The girl looked at this party cold moves, power, immediately think of stealing the fighting skill of experience. Learn But he's very myheart didn't, although he peep a month, in the heart begin to understand, but also have to a lot of practice, what is the second side of personal servant girl miss? Besides, even if he hide open, also dare not hide. Otherwise the catastrophe immediately ahead.
Supra Skytop Shoes Bang! Party was the cold into the ground, the whole body acid linen. "Good, reply." knees The servant girl playing the cold feet. A party "You are the party?" The whole body, white south of god so "Trinidad snow", the voice of the second party miss convey down, on the moral high ground. "The SIMS is party cold." Party cold bow their heads, very reluctantly answer. He knows this, miss two called FangQingWei, very severe, as his servant here, if show her is that unsatisfactory, I'm afraid the next grim. "I enjoy the miles you keep well, obviously, you are kept by heart. But this morning, you breach of duty." FangQingWei cold way: "I no matter you have what reason, as a slave, everything is shoes. This is our home, also is the custom of the world do the custom of the good. The snow is a horse your supra skytops life, you all the life, also will minister to it, understand?" The small men see, SIMS will spell lives, also want to miss a good horse for two, people in the news, in death. Two horses give little people miss today the sin of dereliction of fruit. ". Party cold head like dao garlic, this time he natural know what to do. In the KouTou reverential awe, party of the look in the eyes of the cold FangQingWei fall on quietly stirrup boots. FangQingWei boots, is pure white color, enchasing above jewels, delicate and luxuriant. Look at this one on buy shoes supra high boots, party cold thought, one day, they can also let others look to boot.
buy supra shoes "Slap him ten whip, remember the lesson." FangQingWei in right away, a slight motioning with his hand. "Be!" Flank a servant girl, immediately picked up the whip, was in the party of cold smoked body. Pa!!!!! Pa!!!!! Pa!!!!! Party a, the ache with cold body of pain, the great strength of the hand, each girl, whip BianShao flying in the air, and out of the blasting shock sound almost put his GuTouJiaZi both smoke spread, but his teeth to endure, cold sweat dripping wet.
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The second chapter text slave ..
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